2019 MAY DAY 

Title Design and Illustration

For more than 20 years, CHIRLA and its local coalition partners have marched on May 1 for the rights of immigrants and workers, commemorating the traditional International Workers’ Rights Day. In 2006, more than a million people converged in downtown Los Angeles for the largest May Day march the city has ever seen. May Day has become a Los Angeles tradition and a time when we recognize the contributions of organized labor and immigrants to our city, our state, and our country.

We had the opportunity to partner with CHIRLA to develop a customized graphic representing the 2009 May Day in Los Angeles. The result is a stylized graphic that includes title design and custom illustration that portrays unity and multiculturalism. 

The illustration included a light background that would allow us to focus all the attention on the foreground. We used repeated African patterns along with silhouettes that represent different communities in Los Angeles.